Samantha McNeilly


"The Wolf"

"The Wolf" is about a group of close friends who are in fear of a wolf that has been prowling around and raising havoc in their small town. They must stay together and when the wolf is finally revealed, their lives are forever changed. 


From the choreographer:

" The dancers in my piece are my ‘dance family’ from Chandler Gilbert Community College (CGCC) and I am so grateful for these ladies and our amazing friendship. One of my dancers is my sister-n-law and we both have been taking modern at CGCC together for many years which has been really special. Each of these dancers has such a unique and beautiful way that they move. 

We were all introduced in Rayn Hookala's modern class at CGCC and that class alone has been life changing. I know we are all so thankful for Rayn and everything her class has done for each of us.

I have been dancing for almost 20 years and I have grown more as a dancer in the last couple of years with Rayn than any other time. I started dancing in high school and I just could never stop.

I am thankful for great dance teachers in high school that helped develop the love I have for dance today. I dance because it is a therapy for me and has always been my "happy place". No matter what kind of day I am having, I am always able to dance it out and feel better. Dance is a feeling of freedom and no one can take that away from you."