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Ballet Fusion Fitness is home to unique ballet based workouts that concentrate on core stability, strength, and balance.  The classes utilize the fundamentals of ballet to achieve total body workouts.  Most classes are practiced in the center and at the ballet barre and all classes are set to inspiring music and are taught to the skill level of the class.

The studio also has adults only ballet program catering to all.  If you have never taken ballet, but would like to learn or if you haven’t danced in years and want to start up again in a positive and welcoming environment, then Ballet Fusion Fitness is the place for you.

Ballet Fusion Fitness

2655 West Guadalupe Road, Suite 27, Mesa, AZ 85202

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Title: “Memories”

Song: "Memoirs of a Geisha: The Chairman's Waltz"

Choreographed by Gillian Clark

As we grow older, we collect memories, both fond and otherwise.  These memories take on a mysterious and haunting flavor as our reminisces grow. This dance wistfully celebrates the elusiveness of these memories and the futility of our attempts to capture and slow them down as they grow ever more fleeting with each passing year.


Gillian Clark

 Gillian Clark studied ballet at the Washington School of Ballet in Washington D.C. from young childhood through her teen years. The then director, Mary Day, asked her mother to move her to New York at 15 to pursue dance professionally. Her mother said no, and since then the unfulfilled dream of becoming a dancer has lain dormant, waiting for a way to come to fruition. Although she danced through college, she was never able to resurrect the dream of becoming a professional dancer. Shifting gears after college, she studied creative writing. 

Only later in life was she able to find the time to get back into serious study of ballet, principally under the guidance of Daniel Baudenstiel, dance master instructor at Ballet Arizona. Since then, she has choreographed several pieces for the stage, including the current one. Her choreographer’s vision is to mirror her two passions, writing fiction and ballet, by creating pieces that match beautiful classical movement with storytelling.