What an amazing night of celebration that was!!

We would like to thank the artists, staff, and audience who made this show possible. We couldn’t have done it without you! Check out the link below to watch the performance!

Full Performance Video

Panoramic: Celebration Dance Project sprung from a conviction that performing opportunity should be given not only to the elite and professional dancers but also to any dancers who wish to showcase their work and share their love for dance with their respective dance communities.  

The mission of this project is to provide a venue where dancers are given opportunity to perform in a safe and inclusive environment.

This dance performance is designed to celebrate the dancers of all ages, shapes, and abilities who wish to share their joys, hardships, loves, and fears as they journey their life through the vehicle of movement.

The heart of this project is about using the power of performing arts to impact the community emotionally and spiritually in a positive manner.